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Find the Best Cable Laying Machine & Tools Right at Adishwar Tele-Networks

With a massive demand for data and power, cable laying is crucial in various sectors, including telecommunication, energy, railways, and more. For precise cable laying, you need the right equipment. This is where Adishwar Tele-networks comes into the picture. With decades of experience in the telecommunication industry, we are the pioneers of fiber optic cable laying in India. We have a vast array of tools to assist in cable laying.

Our Cable Laying Machine Catalogue includes:

  • Cable blowing machine
  • Duct Rodder
  • Duct Integrity Test
  • Cable and Duct Handling
  • Cable Pulling equipment

Cable Pulling

If cables are not pulled properly during installation, it can damage the outer sheath, which impacts cable performance down the line. The pulling tension for each cable must be maintained in strict adherence to manufacturer instructions. Besides the pulling tension, another factor to consider is the maximum bending radii.

Using the correct cable pulling equipment during installation helps you ensure the longevity and performance of the cable. Our cable pulling equipment includes:

  • Cable Drum Trailers
  • Cable Pulling Winch
  • Cable Rollers

Cable Pulling Accessories

Other additional accessories for cable pulling includes:

Quad BlockChain ConnectorFlexible Leader
Roller GuideBulletRodder Joint
Split Coupler Duct CutterLubriduct
Y-ConnectCable Pull GripMultiple Pulling Harness
Fixed Head Inner DuctClevis Head Inner DuctUni Mandrel
Wire MandrelBrush Mandrel

Cable Blowing Machine

The cable blower is used to fit fiber optic cables into ducts and micro ducts of specific sizes with the help of compressed water or air. We have three cable blowing machines including:

  • FiberJet – A Series
  • FiberJet – Z Series
  • FiberJet – Mini-Series

Cable Winch

Cable pulling winches is a multipurpose device used for installing telecom cables, power cables, and sub-ducts.

Cable Drum Trailers

Cable drum trailers are available as single-axle or multi-axle and are used for demanding industrial applications.

Cable Rollers

These are another crucial cable laying machine that helps in ensuring cables roll freely in the trenches.

To know more about our cable laying machine or choose the right cable laying equipment for your specific needs, get in touch with our team.