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The FDC is a multi-purpose fiber distribution cabinet and is used for straight joint, branch joint, and mid-span of the Optical cables and providing distribution connectivity in the FTTx network.
It is compact, lightweight and its construction is robust and rigid having a high strength for all conditions of Storage, Transport, Installation, and Operation. It also facilitates access to the trays without disturbing other trays, cables, tubes, or fibers.

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The design and construction of the FDC allows fusion splicing, splitting and storage of tubes and fibers. The FDC has the provisions for entry of Optical cables of various types & sizes for both Underground and Aerial applications.

The splice trays of the FDC maintains the safe bend radius suitable for G652 standard fiber.

It has the provision for mounting splitters with various splitting ratios such as 1:2, 1:4(2:4), & 1:8(2:8). It has provision for 6 nos of SC Duplex Adaptors.It has provision for 1 no Mid-span port and 10 nos Distribution ports. The cable entry ports is sealed mechanically with the use of sealing gel.

The sealing mechanism is easy to implement and allows to open and seal the cable entry ports quickly during maintenance.


  • Used at Distribution Networks for splitting and distribution.
  • Applicable for pole and wall mounting applications.
  • Used in building premised in a FTTx networks.


Sr. NoParametersUnitParticulars
1Dimension (L x W x D)mm380 x 320 x 95
2WeightKg< Kg
3Cable SealingRubber seals
6Mid Span PortNos1
7Cable Diameter Supportedmm3 – 15 mm (through rubber seals) *
8Total no. of Optical splicesNos24F for Loose tube fiber
9Degree of protectionIP – 65
10Maximum no. of cable entriesnNos8
11No. of splice per trayNos12 for loose tube fiber
12No of Splitter TraysNos4
13No of splitters per trayNos1
14Splitter Ratios1:8 or 2:8,
15Fiber length storage in splice trayMtr1.5
16No Distribution Cable Exit PortsNos10
17No of AdaptorsNos6
18Type of AdaptorsSC/APC Duplex
19Size of Splitter casing supportedmm55 – 65 x 7 x 4
20Operating Temperature0CUpto 65

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