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Underground Cable Locators Suppliers in India

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Locating buried pipes and cables is a crucial activity before performing any new excavation. Cable locators are used before beginning any new industrial, telecom, railway, civil, or any other building activity to ensure that new pipes and cables do not damage existing cables and pipes.

A cable locator helps you detect power cables – without current and live – buried beneath the ground or within walls. Pipe locators that can detect plastic or metal pipes buried underground or within walls.

The cable locators displayed on this page are manufactured by Adishwar Tele-Networks, one of the best telecommunication equipment suppliers in India. With decades of experience in the industry, our tools are manufactured to the highest standards. Our products are designed to global standards and are supplied across the world.

Our cable locator helps project and safety managers complete new excavation safely without wasting time digging around or making guesses. Our pipe and cable locator helps detect underground buried pipes and cables accurately, thereby playing a crucial role in completing the task quickly, reliably and efficiently.

Cable Locators – How do they work?

Cable locators are handy tools for excavators, electricians, and other technicians to detect cables, wires, and pipes buried underground or within a wall. It usually consists of two components: a signal generator and a receiver. The signal generator transmits a signal to the dead or lives cable that it's searching for. The receiver receives this signal, and based on the strength of the signal received; we can detect whether a cable is buried or not.

Salient Features of Cable Locators from Adishwar Tele-Networks

  • Rugged Design to suit even the Harshest Environment
  • Dust-proof and water-proof
  • Impact-rated
  • World-class manufacturing
  • Accurate results
  • Can be used by any operator in any site conditions

Applications of Cable Locators

• For tracking cables in walls and channels
• For detecting cables buried underneath
• For detecting telephone lines
• For detecting live power cables
• For detecting blockages in the ducts
• For cable route tracing

Types of locators

• Handheld cable locators
• Battery-powered cable locators
• Portable Pipe & cable locators
• And more

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