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ELGi has a legacy of providing robust and reliable compressor for over 5 decades. They are designed for a broad usage in diverse applications that include DTH drilling, oil & gas exploration, tunneling, pigging, sand blasting, piling laying of fibre cables, road and bridge construction. With faster drilling, the compressors ensure higher productivity at lower drilling cost-per-foot. They are available in diesel and electric powered versions.

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eta-V Profile Airend

  • ELGi’s own eta-V profile rotors
  • High energy -efficiency
  • Consistent air quality on less power

Greater Fuel Efficiency

  • High performance engines with international warranty
  • Better fuel economy
  • Durable performance at low cost of ownership

Increased Operational Life

  • Two-stage air filtration system with vacuum indication for dusty environments


Diesel Powered
ModelCapacityMaxEngineDimensional Data (LxBxH)(mm)
Trolley Mounted Compressorswith tow barwithout tow barwith silencerwithout silencer
DT 175-10051757100F3M 2011, Deutz30502000149013401340
DT 300-1008.530071004BT 3.9 Cummins32752175168020551871
DT 300-1008.53007100W04D Ashok Leyland32752175168017801485
DT 300-150830010.5150W04CT, Ashok Leyland32752175168017801485
DT 350-20010350142006BTA, Cummins44503150186024022238
DT 380-20011380142006BTA, Cummins44503150186024022238
DT 400-100114007100WO4CT, Ashok Leyland32752175168017801485
DT 400-1501140010.51506BTA, Cummins44503150186024022238
DT 400-175 CL11400121756BTA, Cummins43783000186024022238
DT 450-1501345010.51506BTA, Cummins41452845186021751910
DT 450-25013450172506CTA, Cummins41003150200031002900
60071006BTA, Cummins4450 extended tow bar3150 folded tow bar186024022238
DT 650 – 20018650142006CTA, Cummins49283460210025332511
DT 750 – 1252175091256CTA, Cummins49283460210025332511
DT 750 – 2502175017250NTA855C (BC), Cummins60904562230030502527
DT 900 – 10026900142006CTA, Cummins49283460210025332511
DT 900 – 2002690014200NTA855C (BC), Cummins53344779220031102527
DT 900 – 3002690021300NTA855C (BC), Cummins60904562230030502527
DT 900 – 3502690024.6350NTA855C (BC), Cummins60904562230030502527
DT 1100 – 30031110021300NTA855C (BC), Cummins60904562230030502527
Diesel Powered
ModelCapacityMaxEngineDimensional Data (LxBxH)(mm)
Skid Mounted Compressors
DS 475-15013.547510.51506BTA, Cummins278212151837
DS 600-20017.0600142006CTA8.3, Cummins319016751620
DS 650-20018.4650142006CTA8.3, Cummins300018512120
DS 900-20025.590014200NTA855C (BC), Cummins456216342350
DS 900-35025.590024.6350NTA855C (BC), Cummins456222852370
DS 900-35025.590024.6350KTA1150C, Cummins420021002690
DS 1000-27528.3100019.3275NTA855C (BC), Cummins456222852370
DS 1100-30031.1110021.1300NTA855C (BC), Cummins456222852370
DS 1100-35031.1110024.6350KTA1150C, Cummins420021002690
DS 1200-35034120024.6350NTA855C (BC), Cummins456222852370
Electric Powered

Other Details

Ease of Maintenance

  • Quick and easy access to routine service points
  • Wide service doors enable the operator to perform maintenance with ease
  • Less operator fatigue

Robust Enclosure

  • Fully galvanized steel and powder coated body panels for hiph level of corrosion resistance
  • Prolongs component life
  • Maximum durability

Hiph Maneuverability

  • Provides maximum maneuverability and allows short radius turns
  • Heavy duty construction of the compressor benefits the customer with high gradeability
  • Wobble-free movement on slopes