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Buy Powerful & Efficient Cable Blowing Machines in India

Fiber optic cable blowing machines play a crucial role in pulling fiber optic cables into micro ducts. These machines use compressed air to drive fiber optic cables safely into HDPE telecom/micro ducts. The cable is then sent into a motorised cable blower head that is connected to the duct. Compressed air helps in decreasing the friction between the cable and contacting ducts, thus making it easy to push fiber cables for long distances.
Adishwar Tele Networks, a pioneer in the fiber optic cable industry, offers high-quality and reliable cable blowing machines in India at the best prices. Our devices are manufactured to world-class standards and are designed to last for years to come.

Range of Cable Blowing Machines from Adishwar Tele Networks

Adishwar Tele Networks offer three types of cable blowing machines:

  • Fiber Jet A Series

    One of the top-selling cable blowing solutions in the market, the Fiber Jet A Series is powered hydraulically and designed to offer optimum performance.

    • Best suited for pulling cables with diameters ranging from 8mm to 27mm into ducts with diameters ranging from 20mm to 63mm

    • Powered by a hydraulic motor that runs on 8.5HP petrol engine

    • Cables are pushed up to 2200 meters in one shot

    • Can reach cable blowing speeds of up to 100 metre per minute

  • Fiber Jet Z Series

    The most powerful of all our cable blowing machines, the Fiber Jet Z Series is designed to offer maximum performance.

    • Hydraulically powered fiber optic cable blowing machine

    • Easy to use with live monitoring of the cable being pulled

    • Advanced features like real-time view of the cable length being blown, speed of the cable blowing and more

  • Fiber Jet Mini Series

    The Mini-series is a high-capacity pneumatic cable blower best suited for pulling micro and mini fiber cables into micro ducts.

    • Best suited for pulling cables with diameters ranging from 4mm to 7mm into ducts of sizes 5mm to 40mm

    • Powered by a pneumatic drive motor with operating speeds of 6.3 Bar