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CommScope Introduces New FOSC Modular Fiber Optic Splice Closure


CommScope is the world’s leading manufacturer of passive products & accessories for fiber optic networks. At Adishwar, we stock CommScope products including fiber optic splice closures. Recently, CommScope has introduced a new FOSC modular splice closure that enhances versatility and reliability across a wide range of cables and other connectivity applications. Let’s take a closer look at this new product from CommScope.

Highlights of the new product


The new FOSC Modular Splice Closure will help network operators use a single closure to cover a wide range of cables, topologies, network technologies and other installation systems. It can meet the requirements of the feeder and distribution networks.

The newly introduced splice closure is a dome closure that builds of FOSC’s legacy of innovation. The closure promises enhanced protection for billions of fiber optic cables across the world. The new modular design is based on the NOVUX technology of the company. It accommodates a versatile range of applications in various fiber installations and deployments.
Here’s what CommScope has to say about the new fiber optic splice closure modular platform:
“The FOSC Modular splice closure will help in accelerating the installation speed of fiber networks. It facilitates the extension of fiber optic connections, helping operators expand the networks to meet future demands.
It’s a true, all-in-one design that aims to simplify the logistics and planning of network expansions. It also offers unprecedented reliability. The fosc splice closure has a wrap-around mechanical seal and comes with interchangeable bases. A single FOSC modular splice closure can replace multiple existing closures and is designed to work with a wide range of cables.”
Speaking on the occasion of the launch of the new product, James DeCoe, the VP of Network Connectivity at CommScope stated that the new FOSC modular closure is a breakthrough in the versatility of splice closure. The new tool will help in accelerating the installation of the ultra-high-speed broadband networks of tomorrow.
Using this closure, operators can simplify cable installation and enjoy peace of mind knowing that their connections are well protected. The modular base has eight interchangeable cold-seal segments that offer cable versatility along with unmatched protection. The closure also makes it easy to access individual fibers. It allows cables to enter the chassis at different parts, thereby eliminating the need for network operators to take apart and re-install the entire closure.

Wrapping Up

With the new FOSC Modular splice closure, network operators can use a single closure to cover a vast range of cable types, network technologies and installation requirements. The closure is expected to be available from November 2021. For all your fiber optic installation needs, reach out to Adishwar Tele Networks, the leader in fiber optic cables and installation in India.

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