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Step-by-Step Guide to Using a Duct Rodder: Fiber Cable Installation Series


As the demand for data connectivity soars, so does the need for rapid installation of fiber optic cables. Fiber optic cables are the backbone for the telecommunications industry and helping power broadband services and big data across the world.

Fiber optic cable installation is tedious and is a laborious task. Improper installation helps in the proper functioning of the cables, while reducing installation time. In this guide, we take a look at – duct rodder – one of the key equipments in fiber cable installation. If you’re looking for high-quality duct rodder in India, look no further. As one of the pioneers in the fiber cable industry in India, Adishwar tele-networks has a huge array of premium duct rodders in Gurgaon to suit various purposes.

What is a duct rodder and why is it needed?

what is a duct rodder and why is it needed

During fiber cable installation or overhaul, workers have to complicated threading work. The threading work is not only troublesome and time-consuming, but is also prone to errors. Threading is one of the major chores during installation. This is where – duct rodders come into the picture.

  • A duct rodder is an indispensable tool for cable installation.
  • It simplifies cable threading work, and has become an essential tool for the workers.
  • A duct rodder can be used for fiber optic cable installation, as well as other installation works like cables in wall pipes, traction guide ropes, and sewer pipes.

Advantages of Using Duct Rodders for Fiber Cable Installation

  • Reduce installation time
  • Improve work efficiency
  • Reduce installation errors
  • Lower the burden of the workers

Duct rodders are used for installing fiber optic cables, cleaning pipelines and for overhauling work.

How to use duct rodder?

Keep in Mind: Follow Manufacturer Safety Instructions

Before using a duct rodder, make sure to go through the attached manufacturer instructions. Improper usage could lead to damages in the fiberoptic cable, breaking of the duct rodder or even personal injuries.

Things to Do before using the Duct Rodder

things to do before using
  1. Place the duct rodder in a suitable position – like a manhole cover.
  2. Cordon off the job area with barriers to prevent others from entering the job location.
  3. If the installation is in a residential area, make sure to set up signs alerting passersby regarding the ongoing work.
  4. Make sure that workers always wear hard hats, safety shoes, gloves, safety jackets and other safety gear.

How to operate a duct rodder?

how to operate a duct rodder

Step 1 : Place the duct rodder outside the under-construction conduit. Ensure the duct rodder is stable. Check if the duct rodder is in a horizontal position. Ensure that all parts of the duct rodder are fitted perfectly and are ready for use.
Step 2 : Release the hand brake to make the cage spin. This helps to pull out the rod from the cage.
Step 3 : Put the head out of the cage and thread the rod of the duct rodder’s frame. Be careful so that you don’t break the head of the duct rodder.
Step 4 :Push the duct rod slowly into the conduit. You may have to apply some force for the duct rod to pass through the bends. Ensure that the duct rod fits the conduit size you’re working on. Don’t use additional mechanical methods to push the duct rod around the bends.
Note : If you run out of the rod, before reaching the end of the conduit, attach a second rod to the first one with the help of a connector.
Step 5 : When the duct rod reaches the end of the conduit, use a cable or pull line around the head. Make sure that the brake of the duct rodder is on, to prevent the cage from rolling around, while pushing the duct rodder.
Step 6 : Pull the rod into the cage. Do not spin the cage to pull back the rod. Instead, pull the rod via the eye of the cage.
Step 7 : Remove the pull line or cable from the end of the duct rod. Thread the duct rod via the eye and into the cage. Make sure that you store the duct rodder carefully, so that the duct rod is fully inside the cage without protruding from the eye.

That’s it. Using the duct rodder makes it easy to thread cables, simplifying the installation process and cutting down installation time significantly. To find the best duct rodders in India, reach out to Adishwar Tele-Networks, the No.1 supplier of premium telecommunication equipment in India. To know more, reach out to our sales team.