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Cable Pulling Equipment Basics: What Is It, Why Is It Important & How Does It Work?

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Maintenance is one of the key tasks in fiber optic cable networks. Cable pulling is one of the crucial network maintenance tasks, especially with advance in technologies and the rapid need to upgrade and expand existing fiber optic cable networks. In this article, we take a look at the basics of cable pulling – what is it, why is it important, types of cable pulling equipment and how do they work.

What is cable pulling equipment?


The definition of cable pulling is rather self-explanatory. Cable pulling refers to the process of moving cable from one place to another during installation with the help of the right cable pulling tools. Cable pulling equipment are the tools that assists workers in shifting fragile fiber optic cables during installation.

Types of Cable Pulling

While cable pulling may seem simple, there are several types of cable pulling. Let’s take a look at the different cable pulling processes and how they differ from one another.

1. Conduit Pulling


When installing or replacing existing wires – including fiber optic cables, phone wires, electrical wire or any other type of wire – it’s often essential to run these new wires through an existing pipe or conduit. To do this, workers pull the cable from an entry point via the conduit. There are several ways to thread cables through a conduit. But, the easiest and most efficient way to do this is by using a secure pull string using duct rodders to prevent damage to the fragile wires.

2. Cable Installation


Installing new cables over the ground requires a special type of cable pulling. The best way to ensure that cables are laid on the right paths in the ceiling or underground is by using the right cable pulling tools. The most commonly used tool is a cabling access point. This special tool allows contractors to run the cable safely into the ceiling without causing friction or allowing debris from the ceiling to fall down.

3. Large Cable Pulling


Cables of enormous lengths are used while installing a new fiber optic cable network. They are common in new construction projects and include bundles of conduit, cables and other materials. Large cable pulling requires a specialised set of cable pulling equipment that can handle large volumes of cables easily, without causing any breakage.

Why is cable pulling important?


Cable pulling plays a key role in the installation and maintenance of fiber optic cables, electrical wires and other cables. Providing the workers with the right cable pulling equipment and tools will make the process much easier and also prevent damage to the fragile cables.

The Best Cable Pulling Equipment in India

Adishwar Tele Networks is the no.1 supplier of fiber optic cable accessories and installation equipment including a huge variety of cable pulling tools. Some of our popular cable pulling equipment include:
Duct rodderPush pull rods
Cable rollersCable socks
Cable gripsCable drum jacks
Cable drum trailersCable lubricants
Cable winchesCable duct seals
Cable connectors, terminations and jointsCable blowing equipment
Cable jointing toolsCable blowing equipment
Straight rollerTriple corner roller

We provide the complete range of fiber optic cable installation tools and equipment for both underground and overhead installation. To know more about our cable pulling equipment or to place orders for the best cable pulling tools, reach out to our team at +91 94483 95907.

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