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Top 7 Cable Laying Machine & Tools to Reduce Workload and Improve Efficiency

As the world becomes increasingly hungry for super-fast internet connectivity, fiber optic cables are in huge demand across continents. While fiber optic cables are readily available at reduced costs, finding the right tools for fiber optic cable installation is a huge challenge. Adishwar Tele-Networks provides high-quality cable laying machine and other equipment at competitive prices in the market.
We bring you the most comprehensive range of fiber cable laying equipment, that are essential for the installation and maintenance of fiber optic cables. Every fiber cable accessory that we provide is compatible with various fiber cables. Our array of cable laying tools assists you in all kinds of jobs – whether you’re setting up a data center, long haul networks, installing fiber cables for a LAN (Local Area Network) and more. You can use our array of cable laying equipment for, installing, splicing, termination , and maintaining your fiber optic cable network.

Adishwar Tele Networks – The Most Trusted Supplier of Cable Laying Tools in India

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Finding the right equipment for fiber cable installation is a huge challenge. The difficult part of fiber optic cable installation is not sourcing the cables, but finding the right tools to assist with installation. Improper installation affects the quality of installation, and thereby causing transmission losses due to strain or bends on the cable and can even lead to frequent repairs and replacements.
At Adishwar, we offer a huge array of fiber optic cable laying tools that will help you get the job done perfectly and on time. In this article, we’ve put together a list of the top cable laying equipment that will assist you.

1. Duct Rodder

duct cable roller

A duct cable roller helps to guide and protect the delicate fiber optic cables as they navigate during installation. Cable rollers are available in a variety of sizes, patterns and combinations to suit different use cases.
Our range of cable rollers include cable tray, fold base flat rollers, dogbone rollers, split duct rollers and cable trenches. Made with high-quality aluminium and smooth ball bearings, our cable rollers are a versatile tool that accelerate the speed of cable laying.

2. Cable Pulling Rope

Cable pulling ropes are another handy tool that helps in fiber optic cable laying. They are essential for large-scale projects, where the fiber optic cables have to hauled above or beneath the ground.
Our cable pulling ropes are available in different materials like nylon, polypropylene and come in either braided or twisted formats.

3. Cable Snatch Block

It’s also known as a cable sheave, and helps to minimize the wear and tear of fiber optic cables that are hung from a height. They are made using high-quality aluminium and have a swivel mechanism that makes it easy for the operator to change the orientation of the cable. It also has side openings, that make it easy to remove cables.

4. Cable Slipper

The purpose of a cable slipper is the same as that of a cable roller. It helps in minimizing the wear and tear of a cable by smoothly guiding it along a path. It’s primarily used when installing cables over a pit, trench or manholes.
The two common types of cable slippers include: hinged slipper cables and pivoting slipper cables. They are light weight, highly portable and super compact, making them perfect to use on-site. They are available in a variety of sizes to suit cable diameters starting from 50mm to 150mm.

5. Cable Snake

A cable snake helps to keep rolls of fiber optic cables organized during installation. Our cable snakes are designed to suit fiber cables of varying lengths and diameters. These dispensers are easy to operate and reduce the workload of your team.

6. Cable Sock

cable sock

A cable sock makes it easy to pull multiple cables via a duct at the same time. Though it may appear as a simple piece of equipment, it’s highly versatile and is useful. It can easily haul telecommunications, power, data, coaxial and fiber optic cables via trenches, poles, cable trays and conduits.
Cable socks are available in a variety of sizes to suit specific needs. They are made using high-quality galvanised steel wire and keeps fiber optic cables intact without any loose or frayed ends.

7. Cable Hauling Swivel

cable hauling swivel

A cable hauling swivel is a must needed cable laying equipment to prevent twisting damage and to minimize cable fraying. The swivels are placed between cable grips and hauling ropes. They can be used with all types of cables.

Highly durable, our swivels come with sealed bearings and are precision engineered using high-grade industrial steel.

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With years of experience in manufacturing high-quality fiber cable laying tools, our reliable equipment and exemplary customer service, keeps our customers coming back. To know more about our products or if you need help finding the right cable laying tools, get in touch with our team.

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