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Tips to Choose the Best Fiber Cable Blowing Machine


Blowing fiber cables is the safest and most efficient ways to install fiber optic cables.
A fiber cable blowing machine uses a pressurized blowing system to install fiber cables. Fast installation speed and less stress make blowing the better alternative to traditional fiber cable pulling. In this guide, we walk you through the factors to consider while purchasing a cable blowing machine.

Points to Consider while Buying a Fiber Cable Blowing Machine


While choosing a cable blowing machine, look for machines that are compact and lightweight making it easy to manoeuvre even in difficult job sites. Also, portable designs make operations easier. Besides these factors, there are several other factors to consider like:

Diameter of Cable

First things first, you’ll need to identify the diameter of the fiber cable to be blown. Following cable blowing machines should be chosen for the given ranges-
1mm-4mm: Microfiber Blowing Machine that operates on pneumatic technology.
5mm-14mm:Fiberjet Miniseries Blowing Machine that operates on pneumatic technology.
8mm-27mm:Fiberjet A & Z Series Blowing Machine that operates on hydraulic technology.

Speed of Operation

The efficiency of the machine depends on the speed of installation. A machine that can work at higher speeds reduces time of installation. Compressed air propels that cable and carrier via an air-tight sealed duct. Look for machines that allow you to alter the speed of operation to suit different applications.

Ease of Operation

Look for a fiber cable blowing machine that is easy to operate. A lightweight machine that can be rolled anywhere makes it super easy to blow cables. Some machines have added features like a tilted spout for pouring in lubricants and hydraulic and pneumatic controls. Look for machines that do not require special maintenance and are designed to last.

Superior Customer Service

While choosing a cable blowing machine, look for machines from trusted brands. A brand that offers excellent customer service and after-sales support gives you peace of mind. If something unexpected were to happen and the machine breaks down you can rely on the customer service team of the manufacturer to sort it out.


A hydraulic cable blowing machine is a bulky machine that places additional strain on the user. It requires more space & is less portable. Look for a machine that is extremely easy to use, handle and transport. Additionally, machines that have extra storage space for storing cable, hydraulic hoses, conduit packs, and seal kits are an excellent choice as you don’t have to look for additional storage to store these accessories.

FiberJet Cable Blowing Machine from Adishwar Tele Networks


As the leader in the manufacture of fiber cable accessories and tools, Adishwar Tele Networks offers a huge array of cable installation tools. One of our popular and best-selling tools is our range of fiber cable blowing machines.

The FiberJet is a hydraulically-powered, high-performance fiber cable blowing machine. It can float or blow fiber cables and other telecommunication cables into HDPE duct pipes using compressed air. The machine has a clamping mechanism that ensures adequate tension on cable while blowing without damaging the cable.

Our FiberJet Cable Blowers are available into two different sizes:
  • FiberJet – A Series
  • FiberJet – Z Series

Additionally, we also have FiberJet Mini and Micro cable blowing machines that are pneumatically operation. The FiberJet Mini is a multipurpose machine and is used for installing micro cables and micro ducts. The operation range is from 4 to 16 mm up to 5 to 40 mm. The cable range of the micro blowing machine is from 0.8 mm to 4 mm and the duct range is from 3 mm to 10 mm. The machine is designed in such a way to provide uniform tension on the blowed cable without damaging it. The digital speed and distance indicator offer better control over the installation.

If you need any further help in finding the right fiber optic cable blowing machines, get in touch with our friendly sales agents here at Adishwar Tele Networks.

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