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What is a Fiber Cable Blowing Machines & What are its uses?


Welcome to another post in our latest series on fiber cable accessories, where we shine the spotlight on a key fiber cable laying equipment. Today, we’ll explain all about fiber cable blowing machines.

Table of Contents

  • What is a fiber cable blowing machine?
  • Parts of a Cable Blowing Machine
  • Ancillary Parts of a Cable Blowing Machine
  • Applications of the Fiber Cable Blowing Machine
  • Order the Best Fiber Cable Blowing Machines in India

What is a fiber cable blowing machine?


A fiber cable blowing machine is a device specially designed to fit fiber cables into micro ducts. Technicians using this device shortly call it as a fiber blowing machine. Fiber cables are fitted into the tiny ducts using compressed water or air.

Parts of a Cable Blowing Machine


The fiber blowing machine has three key parts that work together to accomplish a specific task. Let’s take a look at the different parts of the cable blowing machine:

  • Head –This is the blowing head of the machine and is the component that is responsible for fitting the duct. Besides ensuring the security of the device, the main role of the head is to ensure the correct insertion of the cable into the duct, forming a sealed condition. This sealing is essential to ensure the feeding (water or air) of the medium inside the machine.
  • Belt Feeder –The next component in the fiber cable blowing machine is the belt feeder. It lies above the base frame. The feeder feeds the cable into the head. If the cable doesn’t reach the head, then the fiber cable insertion cannot be completed.
  • Base Frame –Also, known as the base plate, the frame lies at the bottom of the fiber cable blowing machine. As the name implies, the base plate holds the rest of the machine. It’s the board to which the other parts of the machine are mounted.

Ancillary Parts of the Fiber Cable Blowing Machine


Besides the three parts mentioned above, for the fiber cable blowing machine to work correctly, it requires the following connections and establishments:

  • Cable System –This is the cable guidance system that rolls up the cables into the head.
  • Connecting Inlets–This is the cable guidance system that rolls up the cables into the head.
  • Meter Counter–The meter counter measures and displays the length of the blown cable. It’s fixed to the lateral side of the head.
  • Cable Counter–This is another measurement device that shows the velocity of the blown cable.
  • Monitoring Unit–The speed at which the fiber cable blowing machine operates plays a crucial role in the final output. The monitoring or control unit allows the machine operator to adjust the speed of cable insertion.

Applications of the Fiber Cable Blowing Machine


The fiber cable blowing machine plays a key role in fiber optic cable installation. It’s used in a variety of applications, especially the telecommunication industry. Here are some of the popular utilities of the blowing machine:

Long Distance Networks

High-speed blowing machines are widely used in the installation of long-distance networks. The machine makes it easy to bend and angulate fiber cables effectively, compared to other pulling techniques. The blowing force of the equipment pushes the cable seamlessly into the curves of the network, without making any changes to the route geometry.

Other utilities of the fiber cable blowing machine include:

  • OSP Fiber Deployment
  • Telecommunication
  • Wide Area Networks
  • CATV

Benefits of Using Fiber Cable Blowing Machines


Besides the convenient routing facilities, the fiber optic cable machines offer any array of other benefits including:

  • Micro duct Installation – The fiber cable blowing machine is perfect for the installation of modern fiber optic cables that contain sensitive fibers and nano cladding diameters. It ensures increased flexibility of the micro-ducts and helps in micro twists with zero bend losses.
  • Better Performance – It helps in reducing interruptions thereby reducing the time and effort required for installation.
  • Damage Prevention – The fiber optic cable blower helps to establish a secured connection of the fiber cables without causing the medium to damage the sensitive cables.
  • Easy Installation and Quick Removal – The fiber cable blower makes it easy to install cables at faster speeds, both underground and above the ground. Besides accelerating the speed of installation, it also helps in the removal of old fiber cables without damaging them.

All these advantages have increased the demand for high-quality fiber cable blowing machines.

Order the Best Fiber Cable Blowing Machines in India


Fiber optic cable blowing machines play a crucial role in ensuring the proper installation of fiber optic cables. They help in speeding up the workflow without impacting performance. If you’re looking to install fiber cable into micro ducts over long distances, then these machines are much-needed. For the best fiber optic cable blowing machines, reach out to Adishwar Tele-Networks, the No.1 supplier of fiber optic accessories and equipment in India.

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