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TE Connectivity’s Fiber Optic Splicing Closure FOSC 400 is used to house optical fiber splices and cables in secured condition. This closure can be designed for use with all cable constructions. FOSC 400 has established itself as Industry benchmark for quality, reliability and user friendliness. Raychem has already supplied more than one million FOSC 400 closures in the last decade and is still going strong.

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  • Used for storing splicing
  • Used for straight through and branching applications
  • Applicable for Aerial as well as underground & pole mounting

Features & Benefits


  • Buried, underground and aerial
  • Zero Additional Loss
  • Unique strength member clamp assembly
  • No specialized tools needed
  • Resistance to UV and temperature fluctuation
  • Proven tray splicing concept
  • Bend controls in Splicing tray
  • Rugged construction
  • Easily Re-Enterable Design
  • Minimal Training, No specialize tools needed
  • Splicing tray lid
  • Transport tubes for fibers


  • Water tight protection (IP68 compliant)
  • Can be deployed in all environments
  • No additional loss when optic fibers are routed in the splice trays during installation and maintenance
  • Prevents cable sheath movement with temperature changes
  • Easy installation
  • Can be deployed in all environments
  • Buried, underground and aerial
  • Ensures bend radius protection and solutions for all types of fibers
  • Guides and protects the pigtail cable and ensures controlled cable bending
  • long term reliability
  • Economical and Future ready
  • Cost savings, Easy installation
  • Protects the splice fibers from coming out of the trays
  • Prevents fiber breakage at the tray entry during installation & maintenance


SL. NoDescriptionUnitParticulars
1Dimensions (LxD)mm540 x 180
2WeightKg< 3.5 Kg
3Cable SealingHeat Shrink Sleeves
4Construction Material
O RingNeoprene rubber
ClampGlass filled Nylon
5TypeButt Type
6Round port entry for cable 9-18 mm (Max)Nos4
7Oval port entry for cable 10-25mm (Max)Nos1
8Total no. of optical splicesNos144
9Max no of cable entriesNos6
10Maximum no of splice traysNos6
11No of splice per trayNos12/24


Kit Content

  • Dome
  • Base with tower
  • C Clamp
  • O Ring
  • Strength member assembly
  • Grounding bolt
  • Loose tube storage basket
  • Wire with connector
  • Emery strip
  • Adhesive aluminium foil
  • Splice trays with lids
  • Installation instruction